Suave Split End Rescue On Rollback At Walmart for $2.50 #sponsored

Disclosure: This sponsored post was written for Global Influence in conjunction with Suave Split End Rescue products available at Walmart. 
As the daughter of a cosmetologist, my hair has been every length and every color possible. In high school, my hair was either brown or blonde, but when I began college, my hairstyle pretty much changed every single season. As a student at UGA, I even went through a bright Georgia red. As you can imagine, my hair suffered from all the different hair coloring along with daily use of a hairdryer and curling iron. My biggest hair mistake was when I decided to go from the bright red to blonde. Oh boy! After that, my hair was in need of intense hydration. My hair was a brittle split end tragedy.

I don't dye my hair quite as often these days, but I do like styling and straightening it when going out. Split ends have always been a bit of an issue for me and, I've learned over the years that the types of shampoos and conditioners I use are very important to hair health. As a family, we've used Suave shampoos, conditioners, and body washes for many years now. I love all the different scents and the price is perfect for our budget. When I heard about Suave Split End Rescue Shampoo and Conditioner, I couldn't wait to give them a try!
Along with the knowledge of hair care I've accumulated over the years, I've also learned that the quality of a product is not determined my high price. The fact that Suave Split End Rescue is salon proven to strengthen just as well as Paul Mitchell products is not at all surprising to me considering the quality of all of their other great items. Knowing that you could experience up to a 70% reduction in split ends isn't the only reason to give it a try. Right now, you can purchase Suave Split End Rescue Shampoo and Conditioner on Rollback at Walmart for only $2.50! These products gently cleanse and repair normal to dry hair with its PEC Complex. Your hair will be happy and so will your wallet!


BabyShowersByMail.com 6 Months Diaper & Wipe Delivery Giveaway

How many new time parents think about all the diapers they need? I know I didn't have a CLUE how many we would use. With two boys, I couldn't tell you how many thousands of diapers we have used over the years. Even parents that have had more than one child remember the hundreds and hundreds of diapers they need while your little one is growing up. Do you have diapers on your list grocery list constantly or perhaps you are planning on a new edition to your family soon? Just imagine NOT having to pick up diapers every single time you visit the store. Thanks to BabyShowersByMail.com, this is now possible!

Home of the "Year Supply of Diapers", BabyShowersByMail.com offers an amazing service that actually delivers diapers and wipes to your house! You have the options to get the diapers for 3, 6, 9, and 12 months! BabyShowersByMail also has lists and lists of different baby gift ideas for any family! This company has thought of EVERYTHING!

Are you one of those people who have a hard time thinking about what gift you want. Or are do you hate going to the store to do your shopping? Well head on over to BabyShowersByMail! They have everything for little girls and little boys! Ordering is pain free, shipping is quick. Life made simple! BabyShowersByMail offers products that will keep Mother and baby happy forever. They have an amazingly simple diaper and wipe monthly delivery service that has every brand and size a mother could want. Mom's time is precious give her the gift of time and have those diapers delivered!

One winner will receive a 6 month diaper and wipe delivery package.

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Putting Viva Vantage Paper Towels To The Test @VIVATowels #sp

There are many things I never knew before becoming a parent and even though each child is different, one thing is universally true: children are messy! I'm not sure how this innate ability is instilled, but it comes perfectly bundled up in my two energetic boys who go 100% all day long, playing, running, eating, and being silly. It's just a fact that, at some point during the day, there will be something for me to clean up. No plain old paper towel can keep up with our family. We need something that will clean up messes easily, quickly, and without using an entire roll. That's why I said good-bye to my old paper towels and said hello to Viva Vantage®!

As a stay-at-home-mom, I pretty much come to the kitchen for paper towels several times a day. I need a paper towel that can do it all, be it spills on our kitchen floor, couch, or carpet. I also use paper towels to clean off the dinner table each night, wipe up the bathroom counter, and clean windows/mirrors. Viva Vantage® is a must-have in our home and something that is always at the top of my shopping list.
We put Viva Vantage to the test this week so we could show our readers how well it cleans and absorbs messes. Unlike my old brand, I don't have to use several sheets, which means I spend less money and can get the most bang for my buck, too. As a mom on a budget, I love that you can purchase a 6-pack of Viva Vantage for $6.97 at Wal-Mart. That's where I purchased our paper towels this week. You can also purchase them on Walmart.com for the same price!

Disclosure: This sponsored post was written for Linqia in conjunction with Viva Vantage. Compensation was provided for my honest review. All opinions written are my own.

Let's Celebrate Snuggle Bear's 30th Birthday & Prize Package Giveaway #LetsSnuggle

As a child, I would get so excited when the dryer beeped because I knew that meant my mom would be coming soon with her arms full of warm, soft, fresh-smelling clothes. I'd snuggle up in them, sniff them, and help her fold them. Mmmm.... I still love the fresh, clean smell of clean clothes and towels after using Snuggle. That's why I was so excited to be a part of Snuggle Bear's 30th birthday celebration!

As soon as I picked up this package, I could smell the Snuggle products and couldn't wait to open it. When we got home, Liam was basically jumping up and down, ready to open the box, so that's what we did. Imagine his surprise when I pulled out Snuggle Bear, complete with a cupcake and 30th birthday shirt! Liam asked me excitedly, "how did Snuggle Bear know about MY birthday?" Talk about perfect timing. Liam's 5th birthday is coming up in only a few weeks! Besides being extra cute and smelling just like Snuggle, Liam's new bear is super cuddly. He is exactly what I have always imagined Snuggle Bear to be and now we have our very own!
Making The World A Softer Place
Just the other night Liam was getting sleepy and asked me, "Mama, can you please snuggle me tonight? I'll snuggle you, too." That little man completely made my entire day. For Snuggle Bear's birthday celebration, Snuggle wants to know what we all do to make the world a softer place. Besides using Snuggle every single day when washing clothes, we, as a family, try to pay it forward whenever possible. I teach my children that there is beauty in everything and everyone, to be respectful, and to have an open mind. I have to admit they have taught me just as much, if not more, by seeing the world through their eyes. My youngest son, Liam, is a "greeter" and has to speak to almost everyone around him. When out in public, he always asks if he can make new friends. He loves meeting new people, wants to talk to them, and is such a curious little boy. My oldest son, Josiah, completely melted my heart when he decided to use his birthday money to buy an additional xbox controller for his brother just so they could play Minecraft together. Seeing them in action, out in the world giving to others and completing selfless acts reassures me as a mother that I'm doing something right.

How do you make the world a softer place? 

Are You Ready For A Giveaway?
Thanks to Snuggle, One Lucky Reader Will Receive A Snuggle Bear Birthday Package Just Like We Did, Which Includes:
  • Build A Bear Birthday Snuggle Bear
  • Snuggle Scent Boosters (20 ct.)
  • 2 Snuggle Dryer Sheet Packages (70-80 ct.)
  • Ultra Snuggle (40 loads)
  • Snuggle Exhilarations (32 Loads)
  • Gift Bag & Tissue Paper
  • Candles


Make Bold Choices with Chili’s® at Home Meals & Coupon Savings #chilisathome #sp

Every once and a while life gets a little too boring and routine. That's when I know it's time to try something different and fun. This summer, just as July was getting monotonous and we'd already gone on our yearly vacation, we were surprised by an email inviting Liam and our family to release the balloons at the beginning of a 5k race called Bend Your Knees For Collins, which raises money for children with brain tumors and for cancer research! Liam was beyond excited and we really had no idea what to expect, but we knew it would be great fun.

A photographer snapped some great photos of us before the race and while we were on stage. Liam has NF, brain tumors, and doesn't have a shy bone in his body, so he got up on stage like a champ and spoke into the microphone, telling the crowd to finish strong before releasing the balloons high into the sky. We had an amazing day that will never be forgotten!

There are many bold ways to make life more exciting and now you can do so from your own home. As much as I love to eat out at restaurants, we just can't do that very often, especially during the week. One of my favorite restaurants is Chili's, so imagine my surprise when I found out about Chili's® at Home meals. Bellisio Foods partnered with Chili’s® Grill & Bar this year to introduce a new line of Chili’s®-inspired frozen meals! They are available at a variety of major retailers, including Walmart, which is where we went shopping yesterday. An entire freezer at the end of an aisle was dedicated to many of the single-serve entrees and multi-serve meals. I decided on the Cajun-Style Chicken Alfredo for my husband and I to try. He was so happy to see it when I got home that he wanted to make dinner early, so, for the first time in weeks, my husband made dinner!

Dinner seriously could not be any easier than Chili’s® at Home meals. Within minutes of opening the package and throwing it in a pan, dinner was ready and smelled absolutely delicious.
Have you tried Chili’s® at Home meals yet? We were so impressed with the Cajun-Style Chicken Alfredo that we can't wait to try another. Next time I'd like to try the Chicken Fajita Rice since I love the fajita's at Chili’s®. Click the link above to see all of the delicious meal choices to experience Chili’s® in your own home!

Which of those would you like to try the most? We found them at Walmart for only $7.95, but you can also find them at many other retailers, including Kroger, Safeway, Food Lion, H-E-B, Meijer, Giant Eagle, and Schnucks! Before your next shopping trip, be sure to print out a your coupon to save $1 off of your Chili’s® at Home Meals purchase!

Disclosure: This post was written for Linqia for a Chili’s® at Home Meals campaign. Compensation will be provided in exchange for the review. All opinions included are my own.


Explore The World With Your Children & @SavetheChildren + $100 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway #FindTheWords

Can you remember the first time you saw the ocean or caught a firefly? Do you remember how excited you would get on the 4th of July when the sky would light up with fireworks or when you lost a tooth and the tooth fairy would visit? As we get older, it is sometimes hard to remember all of these firsts, but then we have children and the rush of excitement reappears as we begin to experience the world through their eyes.

From the moment I gave birth and I saw my son's wandering eyes exploring the room around him, I knew motherhood was going to be a very exciting journey. With children, every single day is a new adventure. Although we love to read and have shelves of books, there is really only so much you can learn indoors. I'm not the kind of mom who shies away from a mess and love for my boys to get their hands dirty. Most days you can find us outdoors exploring the world hands-on!
My son told me today that every day is a school day and he is correct. Even when not in a classroom, little ones are learning, developing, and exploring the world around them. I was so honored when invited as 1 of 30 bloggers participating in the #FindtheWords campaign with @SavetheChildren because education is so important and ALL children deserve the opportunity to learn. Save The Children is an amazing organization that provides access to books, learning support and a literacy-rich environment for children in need, such as those from low-income families. The Find the Words campaign highlights 30 words in 30 days to symbolize the 30 million fewer words that children from low-income homes hear by age 3.
A few of the many ways we explored our world in the past year!
Our word for the campaign is EXPLORE, which has pretty much been my mantra throughout life and something I want to instill in my own children. Even in the womb babies are developing, listening, and learning. Josiah was only two weeks old when he took his first road trip to the beach. Liam was three weeks old when we visited his grandparents hours away. Children are never to young to begin exploring and early childhood education is very critical for shaping children both cognitively and socially. Life is a learning experience and it's best to teach them at a young age to take advantage of every opportunity to learn something new.
How do you encourage your children to explore the world around them?

Save the Children provides kids in need with access to books, essential learning support and a literacy-rich environment, setting them up for success in school and a brighter future. We want to inspire you to spread the word about this wonderful organization, donate, and support children who may not have the same opportunities as your own. It's so easy to take for granted what is available for your own family, but the truth is that 65% of young children in need have little to no access to books. Please do your part to help children develop a love for books, education, and learning. 

Ready For A Giveaway?
Thanks to Save The Children, One Of Our Readers Will Win A $100 Amazon Gift Card!
Just use the Giveaway Tools form below to enter. This giveaway is open to U.S. readers, 18+ years of age and ends on Sunday, September 7th at 11:59pm. Good Luck! 

Disclosure: This post was written for Save The Children & the #FindTheWords Campaign. No compensation other than a reader giveaway was provided. All opinions written are my own.


Make A Statement With iBandz Wristbands #iBandzWristBandsRock

My son, Liam, was diagnosed with Neurofibromatosis over three years ago and an MRI later revealed three brain tumors, two of which are on his optic nerves. I'm so proud of my little guy and how brave he has been through his all of his treatments. Neurofibromatosis, or NF, occurs in 1 out of 3,000 births, so many people have never even heard of it. This is why I was so excited when I heard about iBandz and thought this would be a great way to spread the word about NF and raise awareness for such this genetic disorder.

What are iBandz? 
iBandz are much more than just a wristband because they are made of a durable silcone and are "personalizable"! These trendsetting wristbands are fashionable and available in several different colors. You can choose up to 5 characters to include on your bracelet to make a statement. There are so many possibilities with iBandz. What would you put on your iBandz?
I decided on a green wristband with the letters spelling CURE because green is the Neurofibromatosis awareness color and, of course, we all want a cure for this disorder. Liam works with several NF and brain tumor fundraisers and awareness groups, such as Make A Wish and Bend Your Knees for Collins, and we will be sporting our iBandz from now on!
Liam proudly sports his iBandz wristband, smiling along the way. If anyone asks him about it, he will tell them all about NF, his chemotherapy and his port. I've been really amazed at just how many people have asked us about our wristbands when wearing them. I also love that they are so comfortable I often forget I'm wearing mine. In addition, they have three size settings to fit different wrist sizes. This makes them perfect for both kids and adults!

Take a look at the iBandz website and use the promo code: ROCKIBANDZ to receive $5 off your order and shipping is totally FREE in the U.S.! With school starting back and team sports beginning, now is the perfect time to order your iBandz.

Disclosure: This review was written for iBandz in exchange for product samples. No other compensation was given & all opinions are 100% mine.


Our Smallest Family Member Loves Nutrish For Cats + Nutrish For Cats Giveaway #NutrishforCats #MC #sponsored

I participated in an Influencer Activation Program on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Nutrish for Cats. I received a sample of Nutrish for Cats to facilitate this review and a promotional item to thank me for participating.

At the end of May, my kids were surprised when Grandma called to tell them she found a kitten under her lawnmower when she went to cut the grass. The kitten had been injured by another animal and was in need of a home, so we adopted it as our newest family member.
Meet Clarence The Cat
He was abandoned by his Mama, so we fed it with one of Liam's baby doll bottles until he was old enough to eat solid foods.
From the very beginning, Clarence showed his distinct and colorful personality, making an impression on the entire family, our friends, and other family members. Liam, my youngest, has an especially strong bond with Clarence and treated him like his newborn baby. He is a special kitty and we want him to know just how much we love him each and every day.
Clarence the Cat guarding his package of goodies!
As with all kittens, Clarence grew up all too quickly. Over the summer he went from a tiny, fragile little baby to a healthy, happy big boy! Once he outgrew his need for a bottle and then kitten chow, I was searching for the perfect meal options for Clarence. The rest of our family strives to eat healthily, which includes many organic fruits, veggies and meats. Of course, I wanted something equally as nutritious for our kitty and, when I heard about Nutrish for Cats by Rachael Ray, I could not wait for Mr. C. to give it a try!

Nutrish is the first natural cat food from Rachael Ray and it includes real meat as the first and foremost ingredient! Unlike other cat foods, there is NEVER any unhealthy fillers like artificial flavors or preservatives. In fact, Rachael Ray has gone a step further, including whole grains, veggies, vitamins, minerals and taurine, which all ensure a happy, healthy cat!

Clarence received a package of goodies, including Nutrish for Cats Real Salmon & Brown Rice Recipe dry cat food along with three Nutrish for Cats wet food samples. I love the names of the wet food: Chicken Purrcata, Paw Lickin' Chicken & Liver Recipe, and Ocean Fish-A-Licious! Aren't those cute? The package also came with brown rice to use with our own recipe and Clarence's very first catnip.
We give wet food to him as a special treat and today was the perfect day for just that, especially since Clarence was so excited to give it a try. I immediately opened up the Chicken Purrcata and he went to town on his special treat. From the photos you can see all of the ingredients and it actually looks appetizing. Clarence obviously agreed because he licked the plate clean, which just happened to be one of my Rachael Ray Little Hoot salad plates. How fitting!
Later on, Clarence the growing cat was ready for dinner and I opened up the Nutrish dry food for him. From the moment he saw the bag of food, he was very interested and, when it opened, he was practically jumping up and down! Once again, Clarence cleaned his plate and was purring the entire time.
We have completely switched over the Nutrish for Cats over the past few weeks and Clarence could not be happier. Maybe it's just me, but his coat sure seems to be thicker and shinier. He is such a happy, healthy cat with so much energy and I'm so glad we found a nutritious, delicious food that not only pleases him, but gives him all the vitamins and minerals he needs.

To show you just how much energy Clarence has, I snapped a few photos of him the first time he played with his new catnip. The boys were laughing their heads off as Clarence went crazy over the sack of smelly goodness. He really couldn't get enough of it and I eventually had to hide it from him so he could calm down. He loves playing with the catnip, so we take it out a few times a week for him to have some fun.

Ready to give Nutrish for Cats a try? Click Here for some great coupons and to make the change to a healthier cat food. If you have a dog, there are also coupons for the Nutrish line of dog food as well! Be sure to also follow Nutrish via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for all the latest news, promotions, and coupons!

Ready For Your Chance To Win? 
One Lucky Reader Will Win A Sample Package Of Nutrish for Cats! 
To enter, just use the Rafflecopter form below. This giveaway is open to U.S. Readers, 18+ years of age and ends on Tuesday, August 19th at 11:59pm. Good Luck!
Entrants are only eligible to win one prize package per sweepstakes, per household sponsored by Mom Central (There are many other bloggers hosting giveaways as well, so you can enter there, but can only win one.)!

I participated in an Influencer Activation Program on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Nutrish for Cats. I received a sample of Nutrish for Cats to facilitate this review and a promotional item to thank me for participating.


Label Daddy Labels For The Entire Family & 20% Off Code @usfg

This summer has flown by and, as I write this, I'm also organizing my son's new school supplies. I can't believe school starts back next week. Last year my son was in first grade and I had no idea just how many items he would misplace during the school year. He lost several pairs of scissors, a jacket and even his pencil box! I am prepared this year and you can be, too, with Label Daddy labels. 

Label Daddy is a great solution for labeling your entire family's belongings. You can purchase labels at great prices for a variety of items, including clothing, sports equipment and other personal belongings your kids take along with them to school, camp, day care, and other places. Now you can keep you child's belongings from getting lost, which can really make life much easier for parents. 

These labels are amazingly durable peel-and-stick washable labels. Plus, they are even washer/dryer safe, microwave safe, dishwasher safe and UV resistant! Label Daddy labels are also cute and fun for kids because you can design the labels to fit your child's personalities. There are many different colors, sizes, and logos from which to choose, including Disney and Marvel characters, MLB, NBA, and NHL team logos. Josiah was super excited to see three Braves label options. There are also many other logos, including cute kitten and flower designs. Label Daddy also offers a laminated coating option, giving labels extra protection against sunscreen, washing and other elements. In addition, the labels are made in the USA and shipped directly to you worldwide.

Save 20% on your entire Label Daddy order - this is the best discount available anywhere. Use code USFAMILY20 at checkout. 


Join Champions for Kids & Donate School Supplies This Back To School Season #SIMPLEGiving

I participated in this program on behalf of Champions for Kids and The Motherhood. All opinions are my own.

I cannot believe summer is quickly coming to an end! In fact, Josiah goes to meet his 2nd grade teacher on Thursday and school begins next week. That's why we've been back to school shopping over the past week. I've always loved back to school shopping at Walmart because they have such great sale items available and we can not only get the products needed for Josiah's class, but I don't have to spend a bundle. However, I have to admit, buying new shoes,clothes, a backpack, lunch bag, and other school supplies can add up to a hefty total. That's why I was so excited to hear about Walmart's partnership with Champions for Kids, Elmer's, Purell & Unilever. Over 3,000 Walmart stores across the U.S. are participating in the #SIMPLEGiving initiative, helping collect supplies for children in need. Select stores will feature bins to collect school supplies donated by shoppers from July 7th until August 1st. Perhaps you've seen a bin in your local Walmart. Plus, each bookbag contains a coupon booklet valued at more than $50! Once you pick up the backpack to donate, just remove the coupon book and use it for yourself! Then, just place the backpack full of supplies in the bus donation bin.
Being prepared for the first day of school is so very important and this initiative can make such a difference in a child's life. When Liam was still receiving chemotherapy and often at the hospital, we struggled to pay our bills and needed help. We learned first-hand just how much even small acts of kindness can positively effect life. When an organization donated art and school supplies to both of our children not only were my boys excited and happy, but my husband and I were beyond grateful to receive anything.  I can imagine a book bag filled with school supplies would have the same impact on a child and their family.
This weekend we went to our local Walmart to purchase school supplies for Josiah and for donation! As always, I was amazed at the great deals. Since Josiah is entering the 2nd grade, we found his supply list and went from there. I also used Josiah's list for our donations since one was not provided. I bought double and, on some items, triple the amount on his school list. I figure now is the time to stock up for the entire year, for his teacher, and for other donations, especially when crayons were as low as $.25 a box! We found book bags for as low $3.99 and scissors for only $.50, too. For all of the school supplies and donations, I ended up paying a total of $32.53, which is just amazing, in my opinion. Not only will Josiah be ready for class on Monday, but now I know another little boy or girl will be ready, too!
Please take a moment to donate items for students, too. Click here to see a list of participating Walmart stores. Over 16 million American children live in poverty and purchasing quality school supplies can be such a challenge. Being prepared for school will help children be more equipped to succeed academically and creatively. Just imagine the smile you can bring to another child's face by giving them the tools they need to have a successful school year.